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Remodeling the exterior of your home

March 17, 2016 by Pierre Noireaux

Remodeling the exterior of your home

Remodeling home exterior is not much different than remodeling interiors; both require careful consideration of all the components involved. If you’re starting from scratch, you must first decide what architectural designs you prefer. There are several different design styles to choose from, so do your research and determine which one best reflects you and is compatible with your given space. Once that’s decided, it’s time to consider materials and color. Your overall style will help guide these choices, but your personal taste and resale ability should also be factors. Finally, add some finishing touches to the facade, like lighting and decor, for a personalized, lived-in look.

Which home exterior design style will work for me?

Whether you’re a traditionalist, minimalist or trendsetter, there is an architectural design style that will work for you. Alternatively, if you want your home to have regional character, go with mediterranean, Southwestern or tropical. Ultimately, consider your location, overall sense of style, budget and current home layout before making your final remodel plans.

What exterior home materials and colors should I use?

The materials you end up using are often determined by the overall style of the house. Traditional homes use more brick and wood shingles, while stone and metal siding are popular contemporary options. Although there is some leeway in the materials you use, be sure it accurately reflects your overall design. Budget is also a factor as well. Vinyl siding is a more affordable option, while stone will cost quite a bit more.

If you’re not quite ready for a full-on remodel, you can easily swap out trim and paint colors and still make an impact. Unless you live in a Plantation home or are part of a neighborhood where bold colors are common, try to pick a neutral primary color, like beige, brown or gray. If you want to stray from the norm with bright accents, try painting your front door or garage door something bright, such as red, green, blue or yellow.

How do I decorate my home exterior?

Although you want to avoid going overkill on the final product, you can add a few decorative elements to spice up your home’s architectural design. House numbers are a great way to add personality; you can try an unique font or brighter colors for a different look. Mailboxes, doormats and unique lighting also help enhance your house’s facade, and when the season rolls around, don’t forget about holiday decorations! Landscaping is also key to a well designed exterior, so choose plants and hardscaping that will play nicely with the decor to provide a welcoming look.

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